Sunday, August 17, 2008

Best Places to Live During Climate Change

BASICS - Food, Water and Economic Stability
1st world nations that have wealth - Europe, U.S.A.
You'll have some semblence of security during chaotic economic shifts and social order breakdowns.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS - Healthcare, employment, personal safety.
In the event dramatic shifts in the climate causing extreme poverty and chaos among the third world; terrorism and violence among city states and even our own communities will become prevelant.

  1. Avoid shorelines, arid climates, seek either tropical or marine temperate climates.
  2. Avoid large and medium population centers.
  3. Consider rural environments and even prepare as in a survivalist mentality with a protective perimeter around your home, a safe house, a 6 month supply of dry goods and access to potable water.
  4. Maintain basic supplies, medicines, tools and become self-sufficient as is possible in energy, water, and food.


Rural regions in central Europe and U.S.A. avoid latitudes below 48 parallel due to infectious disease migration of insects carrying malaria, Dengue fever and the like.

Time frames [Several decades to end of century]

NOTE: If CO2 and deforestation of the Amazon is not significantly altered in the next 10 years; then assume the worst case, since climate recovery takes decades longer even after we finally take action.

  1. Watch the two great ice masses formed over land which will increase sea level:
    These are:
    The Antartic Ice Sheets breaking away. 20' sea level increase
    Greenland ice sheets melting severely. 20' sea level increase
  2. Watch for species die off
  3. Forest Fire Increase
  4. Severe weather storms; flooding, hurricanes, typhoons due to variances in land to sea temperatures.


Education - Learn and acquire texts on health, medicine, gardening, home maintenance, geography, biology, botany, auto mechanics, electrical, plumbing. Learn how to make things from local resources: keywords: sustainability, living off the land, etc.

Familiarize yourself with small sustainable coops, using wind, small hydro systems, solar, algae eating fish and so on.


Even after we suffer a collapse of species, economies we will give rise new a new respect and greater awareness of our responsibility to each other and our planet. People are already shifting their consciousness beyond our media hyped imagery and egocentrism to a more personal and rewarding focus stemming from our search to find ourselves. This discovery will show us that we are not our careers, wealth or titles rather it is our infinitely expanding connectivity, of cause and effect, that we are not our thoughts or egos but something quite simple as being aware, conscious and giving grace for every moment, and realizing how sacred that truly is.

----written and composed by Vaughn Bresheare, Aug. 2008